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All Guilds Meeting - June 2016

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Much to talk about in the cavern these days.  With Obduction just over the horizon, there's certainly no lack of activity in the Myst/URU community!  As such, this month's All Guilds Meeting had a few interesting bits of information.

Of course, we have our usual raw and cleansed chatlogs courtesy of Korov'ev, plus a handy summary of what was discussed.


Hoikas was first to the stage to mention that work on version 4 of Korman, the Guild of Writers' latest Age-building plugin for Blender, was coming along nicely.  The biggest addition will be sounds along with a few other goodies.  There will be a full report on the update when it releases.

Cavern Events' Hood

Zeke365 was next to talk about two events he is planning, one recurring and one singular.  The first he revealed was the Cavern Events' Hood's own Story Night, with material gathered from various stories and fan-fiction across the various forums.  Zeke said it is 30 weeks worth, too.  The first event will be on Thursday, June 9th at 17:00 KI time in the Cavern Events' Hood, with future readings presumably happening on subsequent Thursdays at the same KI time.  Those that want to read any works are required to join the hood.

The other event is a Guild Appreciation Party, similar to the Cyan Appreciation Party from awhile back.  It would showcase the various active Guilds in the community.  Guild members would have a chance to talk about their Guild and answer any questions explorers may have.  Zeke has also invited other important groups and people behind URU's open source fan development, including the OpenURU team and Age-builder Tweek.  The tentative date for this party is July 16th, with an exact location and KI time to be decided.

Music From the Ages

Karel reminded everyone about the ongoing series of concerts dubbed Music From the Ages.  One is scheduled for this Sunday, with another two weeks from then on the 19th.  More details in the accompanying news posts.

Black Moiety

Yali talked about a new project in the works: Black Moiety.  Similar to the Starry Expanse project that seeks to remake Riven, it will recreate and expand upon the Age of Tay (AKA the rebel Age seen briefly in Riven) using the Unreal Engine.  Unlike the Starry Expanse, however, this Tay will be a standalone game, with a new story and characters set in the Myst universe.  They also seek to make it the first very large "open world" Age, meaning one will be able to travel from one shore across the land to another (which Yali says takes about 2 hours at the moment!).

Explorers are encouraged to join the forums to give feedback.  If anyone with experience in virtual world building is interested, they may apply for future evaluation.  Follow along with development on their site, the MOULa forum thread, and on Facebook.


Korov'ev talked about the recent news about Cyan, Inc.'s latest game, due out July 26th.  You can read more here.


To finish the meeting, Kor also reminded the crowd about a few things:

  • Karaoke parties are every Saturday night at 16:00 KI time in various locations.
  • r'Tayrtahn's Story Nights are also every Saturday at 23:00 KI time in Tsahno's Hood.
  • Radio Free D'ni's next shows are on Sundays, the 12th and 26th, at 13:00 KI time for both.
  • The next Friday Night Dance Party will be on the 17th at 15:00 KI time.
  • A new Heritage Night about the Guilds will be on Saturday, June 18th at 12:00 KI time.

And that's it for this month!  The next All Guilds Meeting is scheduled for July 2nd at 13:00 KI time.

See you then!

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